Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yearly Quota

If my wife did this, I am sure I would not get another all year.


  1. I need a little help. I saw "one of these" that look so much like your work. And it was talking about 12 times this year, but I will try to make you use them as quickly as possible. Was it your work? Are these available other places? Thank You JP

  2. I don't remember doing one like you describe. All the ones I've done are on this blog. I haven't put them anywhere else, but I suppose someone else may have reposted some elsewhere.

    Most likely you saw one by someone else, though. There are a lot of people doing very similar work. I don't think mine are particularly unique.

    google 'chastity captions' and you'll find lots.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I will be looking around. I was just that "one" seemed just what I was trying to get across. I will let you know (if you want) when I find it.