Friday, January 29, 2010

No Touching

I fear I am getting closer and closer to a hands off policy in real life. It is so hard for me to resist a quick caress here and there when I'm around my wife. Too often, though, she doesn't want to be touched at just that moment.


  1. How interesting. Mrs. Edge *loves* it when I'm touchy while wearing my device. She likes the physical contact, and knowing she has the key makes her feel less pressured to reciprocate. She claims that it makes her feel more at ease, since she doesn't need to construe my touching as "hounding for sex."

  2. My wife is now totally in charge of sex. Only she is allowed to initiate. That way she never feels "pressured" to have sex. She has tested me or just likes placing my face an inch from her pussy while I lay down and hug her legs. She may even have her fur touch my lips but I am not allowed to touch, lick or ask. She decides if and when. And when she does it is usually now by telling me to start licking slowly. She does however almost always have gives me release. I can only imagine if she didn't let me cum after licking her.