Monday, January 10, 2011


I seem to be done with this. I'm haven't been inspired for a long time. Also, I've given up porn, which would make it impossible to do any more captions.

It was fun.



I guess I'm a little inspired again and as cuseman said, I didn't really manage to give up porn for too long.

relationshipwise, things are not FLR or femdom or anything. I did ask my wife to help motivate me to clean the house last week. she agreed and has been a little teasy since then. that's where the new inspiration came from. we're still officially 50/50.


  1. I'll miss your captions. You did a great job!

  2. Sorry to here man. If you change your mind we will be here. Cheers

  3. It's a pity you are quitting. Anyway, thanks for your work. I enjoyed it.

  4. I am sorry you are going. I thank you for all your contributions and I hope you will return some day.


  5. Fare thee well. Thanks you for blogging :-)

  6. Please say it is not so, you are one of my favorite sites to see amazing images that make my day. And we all know nobody can ever give up porn, you can cut back for a while, but at some point you just have to see what you have been missing and you wonder why you ever gave it up. I have tried dozens of times, but whenever I see a womans butt in boots, I just can't stop. Thanks for the great site and I will keep checking for you to come back.

  7. "It was fun" is so right! I am very sad to see this post, but I also appreciate you updating us as to your status rather then keeping us "on denial."

    I agree with your comment in another post that "I see a lot of femdom stuff as much too serious. I am always glad when my wife remembers she can laugh about it all." In my opinion, the best part of femdom is just having fun with it. Sometimes pushing the limits a little, sure, but overall just enjoying it. The thrill comes from the "threat" and teasing that much worse could be done.

    You have a talent with picture captions. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I hope you resume your talented work, but if you are unable to do so, I wish you well on your endeavor.