Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Break

I haven't posted in a while, sorry. My wife hasn't made any mention of FLR in several months and I haven't been pushing. I still follow some of the rules she set down, but basically we are not in any official FLR. It is still a big part of my fantasies, though, so I may keep posting now and then.


  1. Please keep posting...the more, the better. I love your captioned photos!!

  2. FLR ? yess please keep posting

  3. thanks for the encouragement.

    FLR stands for Female Led Relationship, which is what all these captions are sort of about.

  4. Thanks for posting new caps!

  5. missed you.

    my wife had me eat her ass the other night. it was great. She got two orgasms that night. On friday, she came home from work, went upstairs, took off her pants, and had me eat her to a big one before we went out shopping. I had her musky smell all over my face while we were out. Don't give up. The other side of the rabit hole is wonderful. Worth the wait.